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how to add a photo in my side bar

  1. utopianfragments

    i would like to add a photo to my side bar. is that possiable, i didn't find this option when looking at the widget list.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Use a text widget and paste the HTML code for the picture in there.
    Please tell me if I need to clarify.

    - Lora

  3. utopianfragments

    yes lora, i need a lariying.
    i know what is the txt widget but what about this html code for picture. i have the photo on my computer, does that change anything. and otherwise if it is on my webpage, can i do something to put it on the sidebar too.
    Thank you very much

  4. First you upload to image to your account or you can upload it to photobucket or something similar to upload images. Then you look for the Direct Image Link like this one:
    To find it, go to your dashboard => media => click the image => Direct image url = File url

    Then you can use this HTML code:
    <IMG SRC="(Direct Image Link here)" WIDTH="(Width here)" HEIGHT="(Height here)" ALT="(Text when moving over the image here)">

  5. Hm. Does the widget auto-resizes the image so it fits in the sidebar?

    - Lora

  6. utopianfragments

    that is good. i think i am almost there.

    but it don't show up
    <IMG SRC="" WIDTH="(Width here)" HEIGHT="100" ALT="Thank You Bryan">

    what have i done wrong???

  7. You didn't fill in a Width

  8. Also the link appears to be wrong, try re-uploading it. WordPress has some trouble with uploading images lately I noticed.

    - Lora

  9. <img src=""></a>

  10. @lorawow: Better confine yourself to questions you can answer correctly.

  11. You just ruined my day - TWICE!
    Thank you!

  12. utopianfragments

    well, it is kind of fun any how. thank you pana, and thank you lora.
    it still don't work but i think there might be a problem with the wordpress, maybe something to do with the changes just happend now in the widget page??

  13. utopianfragments

    or could the photo be too big.. what size can it be?

  14. It just isn't uploaded correctly, as a I said before WordPress is having some issues I think.
    If you go to this link you image should appear but it doesn't, that's why it doesn't show up.

    Delete it and upload it again.

    - Lora

  15. @utopianfragments: the URL is ok, your image shows up fine, the correct code is the one I gave above, and lorawow doesn't know what she's talking about.

  16. utopianfragments

    i do not think so.. i was trying to change the size of photo while we were talking here, and had to upload a new image then. i have chacked it out now and it does work.

    <img src="">

    this is how my code looks right now....

  17. utopianfragments

    hey pana, that is o.k. but i use now the code you gave me.... can you see what is wrong with it?

  18. Wtf, the image isn't showing for me at all.

  19. The new link is working for me. =)

  20. @utopianfragments: I looked at the source code of your page, and there's no text widget with that code in it. Did you click Save Changes after pasting the code in a text widget?

  21. Pana, stop ignoring me and tell me why you think I don't know sh*t about this.

  22. utopianfragments

    yes. but... like i say. the whole page has changed. there is a save button on the widget itself, in the side bar. but not that old 'save changes' button.

  23. Yes I know. Paste the code then click that "Save".

  24. utopianfragments

    well, that's i have been doing in the last long time

    the code look like that

    <img src="">

    but still do not work

  25. Look at my 9:03 post: you're missing the a tag.

  26. utopianfragments

    <img src="">

    <img src="">

    <img src="">

    do you mean this at the end... it is there. the first code here is the one you posted, the 2nd i put in my last comment (i somehow forgot to copy it befor pasting) and the last is as it is now.

  27. <img src="">

  28. <img src="">

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