how to add a photo in my side bar

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    The new link is working for me. =)


    @utopianfragments: I looked at the source code of your page, and there’s no text widget with that code in it. Did you click Save Changes after pasting the code in a text widget?



    Pana, stop ignoring me and tell me why you think I don’t know sh*t about this.


    yes. but… like i say. the whole page has changed. there is a save button on the widget itself, in the side bar. but not that old ‘save changes’ button.


    Yes I know. Paste the code then click that “Save”.


    well, that’s i have been doing in the last long time

    the code look like that

    <img src=””>

    but still do not work


    Look at my 9:03 post: you’re missing the a tag.


    <img src=””>

    <img src=””>

    <img src=””>

    do you mean this at the end… it is there. the first code here is the one you posted, the 2nd i put in my last comment (i somehow forgot to copy it befor pasting) and the last is as it is now.



    <img src=””>



    <img src="">



    Wtf, the <“/a> is removed inside the code tags…
    It needs to be this (without the “): <img src=””><“/a>


    Plus this, damn it:


    o.k. i am really thankful for both of you. but when we lose it we lose it.
    pana – now my code does have this . i do not know. but thanks for trying








    @utopianfragments: Well the only thing I can assure you is that you have added no text widget with the code to that image – correct or not. There’s only a premio-dardos-2 in the relevant post; widget, no.


    it is not a post it is the sidebar… how can i add there something without a text widget?
    again i am truley thankful for your help.


    I know, I know. What I’m saying is that the source code of your page shows that so far you haven’t added the widget .


    i really don’t know what to say. i hope it is just small mistake within the wordpress and not me being so dumb and keeping you so long for nothing.
    how can it be i didn’t add it while i am there and do adding it.


    i must go to sleep now. thank you again, both for your will to help.
    Kali Nichta
    Well Taruste

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