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How to add a plugin

  1. Hello everyone, i have a quick question,sorry if its seems rather easy to solve,
    I've been using wordpress for ten days, so still getting to grips with it. I have found that you can add a translation plugin, which will translate your blog into 40 languages (or thereabouts), this would be really usful for my readers as my blog is targetted for foreigners in france, so a variety of nationalities are visiting. I've looked in my admin panel as the instructions on various sites say, but i cannot see a 'plugin option-addplugin' as is always illustrated (for example on )between appearence and use). Am i missing something? do i need to update my "package"?, or have things changed since these features were made available.

    thank you for your time and help

    The blog I need help with is

  2. hello, i think i found the answer...

    Sorry. Can't do it. You don't have one.

    We don't upload stuff here. The plugins you see are for people with independent blogs that use the wp software.

    its a shame, but wordpress does offer so much already

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