How to add a poll to my blog?

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    How would I go about adding a poll to my blog? I want it on my main page on the side? Would I use a widget or embed it somewhere? I honestly have no clue. Thank you! I will be forever grateful!


    The blog I need help with is


    Search the support pages for “poll” without the quote marks.


    They’re here, tearlily:


    Searched and searched and searched. But I cannot manage to get my poll to show up in the Text Widget, or in a Post. I understand how the coding works, and have tried different sizes, but it simply does not appear. Is it possible that the poll is posted, but my adblocker is preventing me from seeing it? or am I simply missing something?

    Blog here:

    Poll here:

    I will leave the problematic poll showing on the right hand widget area, below the search window. Thanks in advance!



    No, the issue is that is not a WordPress.Com blog and thus those instructions don’t work on it. In fact, I can’t get it to open at all.


    excuse me, my domain has just expired.. and I hadnt thought to check. :-/ .

    heres the direct link :



    I see the poll just fine.

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    Yes, you must have a browser problem. Try updating or changing your adblocker settings to allow Polldaddy.


    I see your poll just fine and I have ad block, so it is not likely that.

    Try clearing your browser cache and then force refreshing the page.


    Hm… well thanks for letting me know everyone else can see it.



    I can see it too using Firefox 12. Do you see if if you clck this link (without the “s”) and view your blog?

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