How to add a “read more” to a long post

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    I see other blogs and posts that show the first say 5-10 lines of a post with a link something like “read the rest” “more…” at the end of the post.

    I have a couple of long posts, having something like this would allow more posts to be seen on a page, while still allowing the long posts.

    Any ideas how to implement this in WordPress blogs?

    Thank you



    Thank you. I see that item.

    It seems to add a line that brings up some java app
    “Snap shots”.

    it hangs my browser every time. i have to stop the page, or back out, or in extreme cases kill the page or the browser itself.

    I have to do some research about this app. (which is a pain!) I just want to have what I see in other blogs… click the More… and it expands the entry to fill size, either in place, in a separate window, or by loading the blog entry page.

    I am certain i am missing something. Anyone know what it is?




    Snap Shots is an annoying add-on that previews where every link goes. You can disable it on your blog under Design Extras.



    Snap shots is a pain, imo and only imo. Go to your dashboard and Design>Extras and you’ll have the option to uncheck it.


    Got it! Thanks so much. Glad it was so easy.



    thanks very much, extremely useful. love love, etc.

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