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    Hello fellow wordpressers, I was wondering how to add a second side bar, under the one I have. does anyone know how?

    Thank you, WS

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m sorry but you can’t. We cannot edit templates and themes on blogs and the number of sidebars is coded into the template. This is a multiuser blogging platform and all blogs wearing the same theme are using the same template. Only Staff can access and edit as every edit made affects all blogs wearing the same theme.


    :) thank you, it sure would be nice. Thank you so much for your detailed help.
    have a great night. WS



    Nice? Well for you maybe but not for all. If you could edit the template that would mean every other blog wearing Black Letterhead would have a second sidebar whether or not the users wanted one.

    If you wish you can change themes to one that is black and has 2 sidebars. There is no shortage of black themes. See here > The Themes Showcase is a live demo site with a search utility that has filters for features.


    :) thank you, well I like this one, I just wanted to create another blog roll, and add the poems in alphabetical order as a list,, Is there anyway to create a second blogroll?



    You have only one Blogroll that is separated by categories. All blogs have only one Blogroll located in the Admin area where you enter all links and assign each link to one or more Categories.

    The links you enter into your Blogroll are displayed only after the Links widget is placed in your sidebar. Also note that there must be at least one link assigned to a Category before it will appear in your sidebar.

    Likewise, the Category widget must be placed in the sidebar for posts to display. And just like links when it comes to posts there must be at least one published post in a Category before the Category will be displayed in your sidebar.

    Once your Links widget and Categories widget are positioned in your sidebar, the manner in which the links you entered into your Blogroll will be displayed is alphabetically in accord with the Categories you created and assigned to those links when you entered them into your Blogroll.

    Therefore as you will have multiple Categories it may look like you have multiple Blogrolls when you view your links in your sidebar. But in truth, you only have only one Blogroll, which is displays links as separate alphabetically ordered groups, in accord with the Categories that you assigned to those links when you entered them into your Blogroll.



    add the poems in alphabetical order as a list

    There is no automatic way to achieve this. You can create a static page to display links to the posts on by manually entering them on it in alphabetical order.


    The Links widget can also be used more than once, if you don’t want the two lists of links the one below the other. You go to Links > All Links, make sure all your “blogroll” links are filed under one and the same link category, create links for the poems, and file them under a different category. Then you go to Appearance > Widgets, set your current Links widget to display the blogroll category only, add one more Links widget and set it to display the poems category.

    Or you can use a text widget for the second list of links.


    timethief & panaghiotisadam
    I want to thank you both. I am new here and I love it,
    I will try both here soon, much appreciated, good day…



    You’re most welcome. As you are new to I can recommend a comprehensive tutorial. The Learn tutorial is divided into progressive levels and presented as a series:
    Happy blogging! :)

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