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how to add a thumbnail

  1. I can't seem to figure out how to put a thumbnail in when i share my site
    Blog url:

  2. We have no control over which images Facebook chooses to display and we have no control over how long it takes for the image caches at Facebook to be flushed. They make changes frequently and every time they do we get these kind of questions. I'm sorry I cannot help you. Does this help?

  3. I use WP as a template for my site and when I link to Facebook there is no thumbnail. If I were to share a post from my site to Facebook then the featured image as a thumbnail but if I were to link a page or the actual homepage of my website there is no thumbnail. I'm not sure if it's a setting or what. Thank you.

  4. is NOT free hosted WordPress.COM blog and we can't help you here with it. You are posting to the wrong support forum. This is the correct forum for your software http://wordpress.ORG/support/ If you have not registered a username account yet you can do so on the top right hand corner of the page I just linked to so you can post to those support forums. vs The Differences

  5. Thanks! I have a free blog on here but honestly I have not had the time to do anything with it.

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