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How to add a top and bottom border to author comments?

  1. nonsensicalover

    Right now I have a top border that highlights my comments but whenever I try to add a bottom border to my comments it doesn't show up underneath my comment but instead at the bottom where the comment thread ends.

    How do I go about adding a bottom border that will show up directly underneath my written text?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Can you be a bit more specific? It's not clear whether you want a border just at the top and bottom of the comments section or whether you want a border between each individual comment, or just for comments that you've posted.

    Here's how to add a border between allcomments if it helps!

    li.comment {
      border-top:1px solid red;
    #comments {
      border-bottom:1px solid red;
  3. nonsensicalover

    I would like to add a top and bottom border around just my comments. I apologize for the confusion :(

  4. There was a bug in the theme that was preventing this before. See for an explanation and resolution.

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