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How to add all the latest blogs

  1. I am trying to findout a way to add all the latest blogs in a blog reader.Where is the feed located. Please let me know.

  2. By "blog reader" do you mean an RSS reader?

    If so you would have to go to each individual blog and add it's feed to your feed aggregater manually.

    The feed urls for each theme are located in different spots dependent on the theme. Sone are on each index page entry, others are located on the comment page and still others are located in the sidebar of the comment page.

  3. Marc:
    Thanks for the reply.
    Yes you are correct, i meant an rss reader.
    For eg. if i want to get all latest feeds from CNN, there is a link for RSS as on CNN website. Similarly i want to know if there is one in WordPress so that i can read every members blog.

  4. No not as yet, put your request into your feedback form.

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