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How to add an invisible Statcounter

  1. I have a Statcounter account and I want to add an invisible counter. I tried pasting the code into a text widget but chunks of the code showed up on my main page. How can I do this? Is there something I'm missing? Thank you.

  2. can you show the code you're pasting?

  3. <!-- Start of StatCounter Code -->
    <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">
    var sc_project=2614678;
    var sc_invisible=0;
    var sc_partition=25;
    var sc_security="2a059e04";

    <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript" src=""></script><noscript><img src="" alt="blog stats" border="0"> </noscript>
    <!-- End of StatCounter Code -->

  4. Javascripts are removed from userinput here due to security concerns. You would be putting all million+ blogs at risk if they were allowed.

    You can do it with regular wordpress from and with your own host. Since this is a sharded environment, it;s not allowed.

  5. Drmike: thank you, but I have no idea what you just said. Could you rephrase it a little please? javascripts? a sharded enironment? my own host?

  6. The bit of code that you pasted is what's called a javascript. It's a mini computer program that your browser uses to create something like the counter that you're wanting or a clock on your website. The problem is you can also use javascripts to do bad things like take over your browser or steal your login username and password or install other programs on your computer. Like ones that when you type in into your browser, you go to a pron site.

    If I was able to get your login information, I could take over your blog or cause damage or even delete it. Plus I could probably get your logins from all your other sites that you use like your email account.

    If I used one of those javascripts on a popular site like one of the ones in the top10, I could get hundreds of logins and do all sorts of damage.

    It's a little bit more than that but that should help you understand.

    As to your own host, isn't the only host on the net. There are other companies that have their own computers or servers on the internet where they lease out space to others so they can have their own websites. I do it for example. If you were to lease some of thise space, you could install the wordpress software yourself or have it done for you.

    Hope this helps,

  7. Thanks. So I guess the answer is: no invisible statcounter.

  8. Wait a minute. Which instructions are you reading over at sitemeter? I have a feeling that you're looking at the wrong ones.

    Can you provide a link please?

  9. Well, I've actually just added a plain html counter, which isn't recommended by Statcounter as it leaves out a bunch of stuff such as came from, referring links etc, instead of the java. There weren't any instructions, just a piece of code generated that was meant to be inserted in my website code, but of course i don't have that enabled, so I used a text widget.

  10. I'm using active meter, and they have an html counter with an invisible option. Just make sure and paste in the html and not the java and you should be OK. Mine appears on my blog as a short text widget at the bottom of my sidebar.

  11. I use the plain HTML counter from sitemeter and it gives me enough information. If it gave me any more, I'd never leave the stat pages! What kind of information are you looking for exactly? Different counters do give you different things.

  12. StatCounter is great because I'm used to it. But if there's a way to add it to my wp blog, it's a mystery. Several sources say to add it to the footer php. I would eagerly do it if I could just find the footer php...

  13. You can't, if your blog is at That works for blogs using wordpress software, hosted elsewhere. We can't get to the actual code of our blogs because we're on a shared blogging environment and they don't want us tinkering with things, because that would change them for everyone.

    If Statcounter will give you an html counter, use that in the sidebar.

  14. Oh! I've just read your comments. I also, have been looking for a way to add StatCounter to my WP Blog. I really miss seeing the actual country where people have come from.



  15. @cpclare
    Your blog's url does not contain "www" - it is
    Have you checked out your Platial Mapkit widget? -> Presentation -> Widgets

  16. Thank you, timethief. (Next time, I will remember that www. :) No I have not heard of the Platial Mapkit widget? I have searched this forum, for infomation about it. I have been unsuccessful in finding what it is? What does it do?


  17. I do have same problem as I tried to use StatCounter in an invisible option also I tried to paste a code from SpicyPage to Text Widget and all just came out the same. A code that shouldn't appear on side bar instead of an image or anything you expected to appear on your side bar.So,my conclusion is WordPress Text Widget is not accept a html or any code that contain a word 'javascript' :-( means when you need to add some html code or anything then make sure it support WordPress as mostly people think all will works easily as using Blogger.

  18. I think we do say that up there about javascripts. They're a security risk and removed from all user input. There's a faq on the subject if you want to review it. The FAQs are linked at the top of the forums.

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