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    How do I add an Audio clip to my Blog? (* Music )
    I am completely new to this.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hello there,
    See here for what you need ie. a space upgrade > audio



    I’m sorry for leaping to conclusions. To be clear you don’t need a space upgrade unless you wish to upload audio files from your own computer. For alternate audio players


    You can upload mp3s to a free file hosting site that provides direct URLs (such as Fileden or Kiwi6), copy the URLs of the mp3s, and use them with the audio player shortcode. See here:


    Thank you so much. So I bought more space, I produced a test audio m4a and saved it on my computer. I uploaded it into my media library and
    thought I followed the instructions….. None ….. Insert into post. And I see nothing but Buffering….. with no sound.

    Im sorry I really don’t know what Im doing.
    Am I just needing to be patient with the buffering…. or development of this?


    These audios are my own …..from my computer.



    m4a is not going to work.

    Use mp3.

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