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How to add blog content to a third page (or description to a category page)?

  1. thehonoraryfinn

    Currently, I have my static pages set to "About" and "Posts" - "Posts" being where all my blog postings go. I have a third page where I would also like to post blogs about a specific content, but can't seem to set that up because I can only direct blogs to the "Posts" page. I tried creating a category page instead of an actual page so I can post this specific content, but then the description that I'd like to appear before the posts so it explains what these certain posts will be about doesn't show can I add a description to a category page like the description on an actual page? I hope this makes sense...I'm finding it difficult to explain this...

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  2. Some themes show category descriptions and some do not.

  3. And again this amazing website helps us out:

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