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How to add blog tab to Ocean Mist theme?

  1. Hi. I'm a newbie and just started using the ocean mist theme. I like it very much, but what I find strange is that the main page where my blog appears has no "home" or "blog" tab. There is an "about me" tab ("Dr. G"), but once somebody clicks on it, there is no tab to click to go back to the blog. Any help? Thanks, G.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We add static Pages and then tabs to them appear in the horizontal navigation menu. :) See here for instructions >

    Some themes have the "Blog", "Home" or "Front Page" tabs coded into their templates and some don't. Some bloggers like this "feature" and some don't.
    If you wish to have a return to front page link you can use the HTML editor to code one in on each static page you create but I find that's not necessary.

    All blogs have blog title links and provided we don't choose to "hide text" on our custom image headers by clicking the title link above your header in your blog on any page and you will arrive on the front page.

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