How to add Bullet Point Code/HTML to Text Widget

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    I’d like to add bullet points to a text widget on the right hand side of my page. What I’m looking for is:

    (bullet point) Title of post
    (bullet point) Title of post
    (bullet point) Title of post

    This is the archives shortcode I currently have (minus the spaces):
    [ archives type= postbypost limit= 3 format= html before= li ]

    The last part “before” seems to be the one not working. Advice?

    I have the widget in question at the end on the right hand side of my page.

    My Blog:

    Thank you!
    liHow To Fix the Kitchen Sink Or Die Trying
    liWindows Vista & The Island of Misfit Computer Parts
    liChuck Norris, The Undertaker, & Dad’s Top 5 Favorite Movies

    The blog I need help with is


    All you need is

    [archives type=html]

    You don’t need the before=li

    See here: .


    The “before” is simply for text, not for code.


    Actually, in Mistylook, you cannot force bullets in the sidebar with the shortcode.

    What you can do is this though

    [archives type=html before • ]



    @thesacredpath, can this shortcode be used to create a weekly index? (like the one you have for all posts, but only grab posts made within a week?).


    Shoot, I messed up the code. Try this

    [archives type=html before=• ]



    So change this:

    [ archives type= postbypost limit= 3 format= html before= li ]

    to this?:

    [ archives type= HTML limit= 3 format= html before= li ]

    I’m a little confused. If I’m taking out the postbypost part, how will my titles show up?… Are are you saying I’d have to insert them manually (which I’m trying to avoid).




    Ah! Here we go. Code is

    [archives type=postbypost limit=3 format=html before=•]




    One more question: Is it possible to make them square?



    @arifsali, you can do something like this

    [archives type=postbypost limit=7]

    but that limits it to the last 7 posts. You can’t use two “type” declarations in one shortcode. The above would list the last 7 posts, regardless of date.


    @natinanorton, I’m sorry I was replying to the other poster.

    You cannot put “li” in the before declaration because the before declaration is meant only for plain text, not for HTML code.

    Use this as I said earlier:

    [archives type=html before=• ]

    Note the space after the bullet character and before the closing bracket.


    You would have to use an HTML ascii character code, and I did not find one for a square bullet when I looked.



    Thanks so much TSP. I couldn’t find code for a square point either, but I did find this which works just as well for now:

    » » » right angle quote marks

    Thanks again!




    The codes for the above are (remove spaces)…

    HTML Code: & #187 ; Character Code: & raquo ;


    You’re welcome and I’m glad you found something that works for you.

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