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how to add buttons to your sidebar

  1. this is probably pretty basic, and excuse me if my terminology is not right. I would like to add button/logos from different groups that I am a member of - I have the html coding to use, but I am not sure where on wordpress I should put it. I have tried to the blogroll, but that seems more like a link instead of an actual button or banner.

  2. Greets:

    Short answer is into a text widget but I'll point you to this FAQ to see if that helps.

    if you need a more detailed answer or don't understand, please let us know.

    Hope this helps,

  3. drmike - thanks for your help! but.... I got the button to show up, but it drags my whole sidebar down to below my posts (did I explain it right?)

  4. Not sure if you're talking about the placement of the button. Is it that you want the groups to be higher up in the sidebar? Also, the image is too large for the sidebar, you will need to resize the image.

  5. sumueye - I want the placement of the button in the order that it is currently in, but all the sidebar items are at the bottom of the page, beneath all my posts.

  6. what size should the image be??

    sorry I mistyped your name in the previous post : )

  7. Ha, not a problem. I am not sure how large your sidebar is, but you can try this.
    See if it fits and is not too small.

    Also, your sidebar items are all on the side for me, maybe you need to adjust your resolution?

  8. thank you so much samureye -it is working!!!! I appreciate your help.


  9. No problem :)

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