how to add categories on my blog?

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    ok, maybe i am just stupid but i can’t figure out how to easily categorize my posts? i have a bunch of recipe posts but i would like to group them into categories such as breakfast, main courses, breads, desserts, salads so that my readers can easily find things. please please help me. thanks!

    The blog I need help with is



    In the admin area of your account, go to the categories section, create your categories. Then each time you type a post, tag it with the category of your choice. For more detailed instructions on using categories, read the help guide

    Hope that helped.



    w00t! Good job. :)



    awesome. I watched the video tutorial. thank you. i’ve created the categories and have categorized all my posts. how do i get the list of categories to appear on the right hand side of my home page?? I added the categories widgit which put a drop down menu on there. I titled it “recipes” and it will drop down when clicked on to reveal the categories i created. but is there a way to have them appear without having to click on the drop down? thanks for the help!!!



    Click the top right hand corner to open the Categories widget and you will find there are other options for you to choose from


    Hi — I have a similar question. I hope it’s okay to post here. I would like some of my posts to appear under multiple parents. My blog is about Shakespeare’s plays. I want a parent category called “Shakespeare’s Plays” and then each play listed underneath.

    However, in addition, I would like posts to appear under other parent categories.I’d like a parent category “Film Adaptations” and again have all the plays appear underneath, but only the posts about films coming up if someone clicks that category.

    Ditto for a parent category “Analysis and Discussion.” So, some posts would appear under more than one parent category.

    Is this possible?



    I would like some of my posts to appear under multiple parents

    (1) Pages and sub-pages –
    The software was not designed to contemplate a child page with multiple Parent pages. I believe the best you can do would be to manually insert links to other Parent pages on the main single Parent page you choose and then insert them on sub-page as well.

    I would like posts to appear under other parent categories….

    (2) You can create as many Categories and sub-categories as you wish and you can assign as many of them as you wish to individual posts.

    Refer to:


    Okay thanks. I can deal with it. It’s better for me knowing it’s not possible than to keep searching for a way to make it happen. Thanks for your help.



    If I understand well, you’re thinking of this structure:

    Category: Analysis
    Subcategories: Hamlet, Macbeth, etc.
    Category: Film Adaptations
    Subcategories: Hamlet, Macbeth, etc.

    And you’re thinking of being able to click “Hamlet” and be taken to Hamlet analysis posts or Hamlet adaptations posts.

    That’s not directly possible, of course: a category tab is supposed to isolate all the posts filed under that category, not some of them. To work that way, your subcategories need to be “Hamlet: Analysis”, “Hamlet: Film Adaptations”, etc., same thing for Macbeth, etc.

    If you think that such a list would look horrible, then the only thing you can do is create subcategories as suggested above, create links to them that won’t be named like that, and create a custom list in one or several text widgets (then remove the Categories widget). You’ll need coding for links and for the so-called unordered lists – see here:

    The drawback is that you’ll have to update the list manually each time you add a new category or subcategory.


    Hi — thanks! I am not very tech savvy and am new to blogging, so maybe what I was thinking was just dumb.

    But here’s what I thought. Sort of like sorting a database. If someone wanted to find all posts for one of the plays (analysis, film adaptations, plot summaries), they could click on “Romeo and Juliet” under the parent category “Shakespeare’s Plays.”

    However, if they were only interested in the analysis posts about Romeo and Juliet, they could find those under the parent category Analysis and then clicking on the play that interested them.

    Same for film adaptations.

    I just started the blog, so it’s not a problem now since Romeo and Juliet is the only one I’ve done. But there are 38 plays and I plan to go through all of them! So at some point it will be a big of a drag for someone interested in film adaptations of A Midsummer Night’s Dream and if they click on “Film Adaptations” they will have to go through the posts with film adaptations to all of the plays.

    I guess they can just search. Thanks for your help.


    You’re welcome.

    Not at all dumb: just not possible with the category widget alone unless you create subcategories the way I suggested.

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