How to add "continue reading" tab in posts

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    Is there a way to get post formatting to default to adding the “continue reading” tab so that you have to click through for longer posts? If not, how do you set this up manually for each post? I’m using Pilcrow, if that matters. Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is


    You can choose a theme that does that by default, or has it as an option. There are a few that do this. Inuit Types comes to mind.

    You could also take a read through this post by Panos on excerpts, but if you get this to work, it will not automatically insert a “read more” link. People would have to click on the post title to see the entire post. It might be that you would have to change themes to use the excerpt function.



    If you would like to insert “continue reading” into a post you can do this by inserting a more tag:

    You will need to do this in the HTML view of your editor. Once you have changed to the HTML editor, look for this code:

    To customize the message, simply add a space after <!–more, and turn it into something like this…

    <!--more But wait, there's more!-->

    Here is a Support page with more details:


    @ajmattic, thanks for catching that bit.



    no problem!

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