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How to Add Digg, Add to Delicious, Stumble This! ..etc. To Footer of Posts?!

  1. Hello guys,

    I am having a real bad time trying to add the above mentioned in the title, to footers of posts... I am using gluedideas subtle theme, and I can't seem to find where to place them so that they appear in the footer of posts.

    Also, there are some sites like delicious social bookmark, which I don't know where to get the link from. Same goes to stumble upon and netscape... would you be kind enough to tell me which link/code I should use for these and where in their site to get it from?

    Also the main question, how to add them to the footer?!

  2. From the forum search box
    social bookmarks
    From the FAQs

    You add these to the end of posts. You do not add them to the theme footer.

  3. hi timethief,
    i followed the instructions on the first link you left. holy geoducks geoffrey, it works!

  4. YAY! for sunburntkamel

  5. I am trying to add the Sharethis plugin:

    but it doesn't show on my plugins pages.... any clues?

  6. Your plugins pages? You don't have plugins on a blog. On the widgets page you have the widgets allowed by and up to nine text widgets that you can fill in yourself.

    Use the first link TT gave you or use the Add This code in a text widget, which she explains here:

  7. I am talking about the "Share This" plugin presented here:

    I uploaded it to my plugins directory at my sites host, but it doesn't show up in my "plugins management" page in my blog, so that I can activate it.... it is said that it is an unsupported plugin, and that I should post here to ask for help in case it doesn't work... (refer to the link above). Is there no way to make it show up?

    The Add This code should be added to every post I suppose.. I am lazy and would like an automatic plugin.

  8. Okay, it looks like you're in completely the wrong place. This is the support forum for blogs. If you are independently hosted; you are not a blog. None of our instructions apply to you. You need to be asking for assistance at, in accordance with the sticky thread at the head of the forum called Read Me First.

    If you are not independently hosted, you need to understand: We do not use plugins at at all.

  9. I am independently hosted and I think I am in the wrong place....sorry!

  10. I am not sure if this related to the topic, but isn't it nice to have a playtagger like this -->

  11. wow, raincoaster was completely of. Don't let anyone tell you that you are not using wordpress if you are hosting it yourself. Actually, I think you are hosting a much better wordpress if you have it on your own server, because then you don't have the *** address for your blog.

    I think what you were doing wrong though was that you did not activate the widget. You have to go into the plugin page and activate the plug ins that you did upload into the widget folder. Then you can go into "presentation" -> widget and set them wherever you want them.

    Cheers, Hans

  12. @hansandcarolyn
    You need to read this: or The difference."

    The software downloaded from and self-hosted is different than what free hosted blogs run on. A self-hosted install is virtually wide open. A free-hosted blog on is has limits on what you can do.

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