How to add Etsy Mini shop? No HTML editor

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    So, I have selected the “text” editor and then pasted my code from Etsy (it is generated by my preferences) into my new page as directed (I watched the YouTube vid on how-to but it is 3 yrs old and the woman doing this clearly has “html” page beside of visual – my only says “text” beside of visual). Go to new page and it just reads new Etsy.Mini(8478983,’gallery’,5,5,1,’’); There are NO pictures of my items! nothing! I also messed around and found the “code” button (figuring since this is java script, perhaps this would help) so I did “code” then at end of script, “/Code”. Still the same. Any tips or tricks greatly appreciated!

    The blog I need help with is



    You cannot use that code on a WordPress.COM hosted blog.

    Currently a workaround that some of us are using is to simply take a screenshot of our Etsy shop or favorites, crop it and add the image to an image widget with the link going to your shop or favorites page. You can learn more about using the Image widget here:



    P.S. Read the code restrictions please


    Ah, well this is harsh news :( As I said, the video I watched is, after all, 3 years old. I can’t do screenshots on my dinosaur laptop so I suppose I will just have to take down the page and hope someday WordPress will allow this again.. Many thanks, timethief, for your prompt reply!



    Sorry it wasn’t the answer you wanted to hear. Best wishes with your blog.



    How about making a plain graphic with a picture and put some text on the picture and use that in place of the screen shot?

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