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How to add "Follow me on Twitter" link to my blog?

  1. I'm not looking for a badge, just a link that will take visitors to Twitter so they can follow me

  2. You would write it just like you write any other link. Check the FAQ on writing links. And if you want your feed, check out this thread

  3. Thank you! It worked. These things always seem so difficult at first, but then you guys straighten it all out. You rock.

  4. blackheathbugle

    The perfect twitter badge:
    Made me laugh, anyway...

  5. Oh, god. I need to use that.

  6. lettershometoyou

    I'm with Alex Beam. I don't get twitter either. Is there a clinic I can check myself into?

  7. Did you know about the rss feed that keeps the tweets updated on your blog automatically? I use it on my blog, I like it.
    It's in the sidebar:

  8. @sheriozampelli
    The blog you have your username linked to appears to be a blog

  9. sheriozampelli
    OOPS! I meant to say the blog you have your username linked to produced a "deleted" message. This blog appears to be a blog

  10. And the blog linked to in the post above is not hosted here at wordpress.COM

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