How to Add Google Analytics Code in WordPress Blog?

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    I have a Doubt about wordpress Blog. How to Add google analytics code to wordpress Blog.
    Please explain me step by step.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Reddy Sekhar.

    The blog I need help with is


    We cannot use Google Analytics here at wordpress.COM.



    The site linked to your name is less than 30 minutes old and empty – do you really want to add Google Analytics to an empty site? If you are asking about another site we need the URL of the blog beginning with http to provide you with accurate help.

    Google Analytics are not allowed on WordPress.COM hosted blogs.

    This site is for support of sites hosted on WordPress.COM. You should address your questions to WordPress.ORG the keepers of the software you are using:

    For more on the difference:



    I really need Analytics on wordpress.COM as well!! :(


    Then, maybe WP.OCM will made better stats? At least it must show which search engine was used to find your page, country, os and browser ( and yeah, try to make bigger database then ie-ff-opera-chrome – and other-dont-really-care )…



    I also agree that stats should be better, however what it is now, is good. I can trace everything about visitors except their location. WP.COM should be hearing this topic.


    2 wpgaurav
    Everything? What about system details? And countries? And search engines – there much more of them then just google and yahoo… I cant see anything about it all.
    Can you?



    There are other services that can be used here that show countries or locations. The browser and OS are useful for code development but since we can’t do code here would be just extra non-value added overhead


    Useful or not, I want to know which system are used when someone accessed to my page. Not for development. For myself. Diversity is what really important for me.
    And few counters wich WP.OCM supports shows only some popular browsers and systems. It’s actually absolutely wrong for me.
    What if someone using Midori, Arora, Mathton, TheWorld, Lunascape, Lynx, Links, e t. c.?
    What if someone used BeOS or Haiku, Amiga, Wii, psp or ps3, Os/2, AIX maybe?
    I want to know it!
    And there only few of trackers which can show it.
    So, or someday java will be open again for users, or will made better stats ( but I do not believe in it really )…



    We cannot use Google Analytics here at wordpress.COM.

    At least it must show which search engine was used to find your page, country, os and browser

    While you are waiting there are other third party stats programs we can use that do provide the information you want. Frankly I don’t care which OS or browser my visitors are using. I do care to know the countries as I do provide translation on my blog, but in the final analysis as all blogs are quantified I get my metrics from
    If you are interested in running third party stats then go here and scroll down to “Visitor Tracking”


    Thank you again, dear timethief, for your great work… But all this 3rd party stats counters are tottaly dull. Sorry.



    I’m so sorry you are unable to accept any solution other than Google Analytics for obtaining the metrics you feel are important. Your”re welcome and best wishes with your request.



    Bytheway, as google analytics is specially created for stats, is for blogs. How one can compare these two services..? You can’t blog on google analytics. I’m also a great fan of Google Analytics and request WP.COM for some improvements in stats.



    The reason we post into Support threads is either to ask questions or to answer them. glasyads question has been answered.


    Timethief, no, GA is actually boring too. I prefer, course it’s knowns huge number of systems.

    The main thing here is native WP.COM stats is far from ideal… And it’s does not possible to choose counter/tracker by yourself. That’s it.



    It is possible to choose other tracking systems provided they are not JavaScript driven. As this is a multiuser blogging platform bad script on a single free hosted blog could bring down many blogs so some codes are restricted and this is not going to change as security and stability are paramount issues.

    It sounds to me like your dissatisfaction is pervasive and as you are investing your time in this thread it’s a shame that your blogging is on hold as you have so little content in your blog. You may wish to consider hiring a web host and setting up your own self hosted self hosted install. vs. >

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