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How to add htm docs to my website

  1. I'm a novice and have been working on my website in Visual mode since I don't know HTML. I have a vendor that sent me some Firefox documents (.htm) that I want to add to a page. Is this possible using

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What is allowed here as far as HTML is very limited and we can't actually create HTML pages here. It would depend on the nature of the HTML.

    Could you paste one here between code tags so that we can take a look at it?

    <code>all the code here</code>

  3. To be clear, uploading files with .htm or .html extensions are not allowed on WP.COM

  4. All I have are Firefox documents. For example: (100KB) file called index.htm. I don't know the code. Can I convert it to something else that I CAN upload?

  5. Please see these support documentation entries:
    Accepted Filetypes.
    uploading documents

  6. index.htm would be typically, a complete web page and that cannot be uploaded here and it cannot be inserted into a page here either. Depending on the nature of the content, it could be that some of the content could be put into a page here, but it would likely take a lot of reformatting to use it.

    Without seeing the code, we really can't tell for sure what can be done with it.

  7. @TSP
    Thanks and good morning :)

  8. How do I get the code?

  9. this word press site is so confusing,.i just want to build a platform and website and when i try to add new adress is just tells me not to use capitals,.,.is ther any thign simple on wordpress,.,.cheers mile

  10. You cannot use capital letters in web addresses. Web addresses are all lowercase.

  11. i know, but this site always saying i am using capitals when i try and register an adress on here,,.,.thanks anyway,.

  12. @psgproducts You get the code by opening the document in a text editor OR by opening it using Firefox, right-clicking, clicking "View Page Source," and then copying that content.

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