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How to add "Instagram" icon to the rest of the social media links?

  1. The theme Foundry allows you to link to Pinterest, Twitter, FB, etc but not Instagram. Is there a way I can add this so it shows up like the rest of the social media icons? (i.e. in grey on the bottom of each page?)

    My account may be private as I am still editing it so please let me know if you need access to viewing it.

    Thank you,


    The blog I need help with is

  2. An icon is an image. Capture an image and use it.

  3. You can always make a sharing link to a new service following the instructions here:

  4. I know this but I am trying to add Instagram to the footer at the bottom of the page that comes standard with the website.

  5. You can't edit the footer without the Custom Design upgrade. Do you have that?

  6. No I do not. I have purchased the theme but I don't believe I have the upgrade. Is that the same upgrade that gives you more fonts to choose from etc.? How much is the custom design upgrade?

  7. All the current prices are on your dashboard Upgrades page. And yes, you can use whatever fonts you want and change the theme substantially. I'm not sure if buying a premium theme gives you the upgrade automatically, but if it does it will say so on the Upgrades page.

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