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How to add link to post

  1. So I am writing a post and want to make it so if you click on the word it brings you to a page. So I am writing and I highlight the word and click the "insert/edit link" I enter the url and all that. Then I want to keep writing but the link goes on forever in the rest of the post. If I click unlink it cancels the whole link.
    What do I do??

  2. I always find the best way is to write your post first and then go back through and put your links in at the end. Select the word(s) that you want the link attached to, and click the link button.

    It's the same method I use with Word - write the document first and add all the formatting at the end, otherwise it's a complete pain!

  3. Ok Thanks I will test it when done with my post :P
    Thanks Man!

  4. No problem. Happy blogging.

  5. thanks for the info, I was just having the same problem. Got it to work.

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