How to add meta tag for Google verification?

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    I am trying to verify my web page with Google by adding a meta tag. However, whenever I add this to the source code of my web page, it is never saved by the web page (only to a folder in my own C drive as a notepad document). Basically, it can’t be verified by Google….

    The blog I need help with is


    You’ll have to make a new page in your blog. The page title should be the code given to you by google (choose not for the html tag verification method but the other one). Once your new page is published, you can verify with google. Afterwards, you can make this page “private” if you don’t want to have showing up in your menu for example. You’ll have to re-verify once in a while. (You’ll have to make the page public again).



    Alternatively you can make your page a ‘child’ page of another of the pages on your site, such as your ‘about’ page.

    The big advantage of that approach is that way the page will remain published (and so you don’t need to keep revalidating ad infinitum).

    And although there should then be no visible navigation to the page from your site, Google will still find it.



    Should supporting Google Analytics (or any web analytics system really) be a feature request or


    @energetic: Nice tip. Thanks!


    You don’t have to make the verification a “page” because it’s inconvenient to keep a page inconspicuous. You can do it as a regular post, but while you’re still in the edit screen, in one of the boxes to the right, you can give it an early date (instead of publishing it “immediately”). Your regular readers probably won’t see it, but it will always be visible to Google.



    hey, thanks for this info. I’ve been having the same problem with bankingbabyandbeyond. Now, i know what to do. thanks very much!



    It’s not letting me make the meta tag text as a post title or a page title. Help!


    This information was just . . . huge. Thanks for the information. I’m golden now.


    Thanks sensuouscurmudgeon i was also facing the same problem.


    incredibleindiarticles, I’m glad to help.



    Hm…. So the meta tag Google gives us should be the title of the post or page?

    I’m trying the “child” page thing and when I post the code as the title, nothing shows up and Google still says it can’t verify.

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