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How to add music in using and

  1. Questions about music crop up all the time, and I've written another how-to post here:

    How to add music in using and

    Hope it's useful, and happy blogging!

  2. what about a deezer playlist ?

  3. For now I've been using and to post up playlists:

    A deezer playlist might also be possible, although clearly you'd have to register to the site to achieve this. I'll look into this shortly and report back.

  4. I'm registered on deezer, that's why I'm interested in using it instead of any other.
    I'm afraid I should download and host wordpress on some space of my own. Up to now, all I've done is to register to a wordpress account (basically for gravatars)
    Does it also work ? I can't show on display anything using flash.

  5. Because you can't use flash here.

  6. einucent
    I worked out a way to use a deezer playlist widget as well - see here for details:

    It's true that we can't use flash applications at, but fortunately it's still possible to fudge solutions for music - enabling you to post both playlists and individual songs - using screen grab images in place of a widget, and some nifty hyperlinking forwards from the images onto the music players.

  7. Thanks....that was cool.

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