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    Like the title says, I’ve read all the available topics about adding music to my blog. None of the suggestions work and I don’t know why.

    My theme: NeoSapian

    My Blog:

    Music URL:

    I’ve tried adding the above url into my side bar using the Text1 widget in the following format:


    It hasn’t worked.

    Any help would be appreciated and thanks in advance.


    I discovered it works within posts but I want it to play automatically on my blog’s main page and I want it to be available to play via the sidebar if possible. Again thanks in advance.



    The sonific songspot widget will autoplay and, as a widget, it must be in your sidebar. Hope this helps.


    Was hoping to add my own song seeing as how songspot won’t let people upload music but thanks anyways I appreciate it :)



    Do note that autoplay usually alienates quite a lot of people. My browser = my music.



    I dont get it



    What theapparatus was trying to say was that a lot of people do not like to hear music…that they themselves have not chosen while they read the blog. That it is anoying etc. I used sonific…and hated it because every time I clicked a link it started the first song back over again…over and over. I took it off. I also thought sonific sucked at the songs they did have. If I wanted a tribute bands version of a song I could find it, but not the actual artist that I was looking for. So far I have just had disapointment with the song/music aspect of wordpress. my 2 cents.



    @ella, the Sonific widget doesn’t have to be in the sidebar. WordPress uses the term “widget” in a rather specialized sense, to refer to a slice of sidebar.
    But it you create a widget at Sonific, you can put it in a post here at
    One of the options on the Sonific widget will be Autoplay. I always have, and always will, use the default: No autoplay.



    As the poster said, I also want “my own” music played in the website. Sonific obviously doesn’t have my mp3s. This is not a debate about auto-playing or not (although it would be could not to autoplay) but an issue of..

    Can I have my own mp3 uploaded somewhere and have it played in the sidebar?

    Thanks :-)



    I don’t think the audio player works in the sidebar, but you could try it out I guess to find out for sure:





    Nope, doesn’t work in the sidebar. Wish it did.

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