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how to add music to

  1. singingpraisehomemaker

    Ok I have 1 last problem... How can i add music player to my free wordpress?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. singingpraisehomemaker

    :( I cant figure this out, can you help me, I want to put Awesome God on my blog

  3. Note that we Volunteers cannot do this for you. We don't have backend access to blogs. I'm sorry but if you can't follow the instructions I linked to above then it's not likely that we can help you.

  4. Hi there, I have just upgrade to 10gb space and I don't understand how to add a soundcloud track to my page - not to any post. Have been reading and trying for nearly 2 hrs now - and still I can figure it out. Have got the shortcut code from SoundCloud - but figure out how to add as a widget.

    Start to get desperate -

  5. Hre you go:
    [soundcloud] embeds audio from SoundCloud. ยป Full instructions
    text widget >

  6. I have read this at least 20 times and still I can't get it to work .. don't know where I shall copy the shortcode - driving me made this.
    Thanks for your quick response - but I'm not any wiser.

  7. Once you have the shortcode, you put it in a Text Widget that you put in your sidebar.

    The good thing about codes like this is, you don't really have to understand how they work to make them work for you. I speak from experience. Just do the steps one after the other and it'll work out.

  8. me again ... have used the text widget - but nothing works - used music as headline and copied the short code in - but no track is showing.
    Sorry, for being a pain.

  9. What have you put in the shortcode?

  10. Hi there, I have fixed it ... used the wrong short code. Thanks a million.
    Up and running now.

    All the best

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