How to add my blog in main Movies tag page?

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    I started my movie blog about a month ago and have been posting daily. How do I add my blog to appear on the main Movies tag page ( It’d be great if it could be on the first page, too. Could someone tell me how to do that? Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is


    You would have to tag your posts on movies with a tag “movies”. The posts appear in reverse chronological order (newest at top) and on popular tags that people use a lot, your post can disappear from the first page within a few seconds of publishing it.

    As far as the featured blog spot at the top, that is something no one can control. It is somehow decided in the back end and no one knows exactly how that decision is made, but it is probably done within the software.


    Hi thanks Richard! WOW, you have such a beautiful blog, I’ll be sure to check it often. Btw, I did have my posts tagged with ‘movies’ but it’s still not showing up, or if it did, it’s so far down the list, below a lot of posts older than mine. What gives?

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