How to add my blog to my website?

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    So I’m creating a website but also buying a new url for it. I want to know if I can take the blog I have now and some how add it to my website? I want to make it so its like or or something along those lines when you click on my WordPress blog through my website.

    The fact that they will have two different urls really confuses me, especially since I don’t want my blog url being replaced by my new one because I have a lot of history behind it. So I’m thinking I won’t be able to do unless they were both on the same url..? I don’t know, this process is just really confusing and I would really appreciate some help!



    Simplest way I can think of is to install the WP software on the new site and put a Sticky post on this site saying “We’ve Moved” to: (new address).

    Anyone visiting the current site will see that post and can decide if they want to go there or not.

    You could continue to post here at times or just stop posting here and make all new posts there.


    Right now, I’m duplicating everything on both sites until I figure out which way I want to go.



    Okay that’s definitely a good idea for when people go to my blog. I still want to keep blogging on my blog but still confused on how I could attach it to my website. Because I feel like with two different urls, I won’t be able to build sort of a system between my website and blog that’s interconnected, you know what I mean? For example, as one grows I want the other to grow as well because they’re connected with each other.

    I know people with websites can easily make a blog and attach it to their website (, but doing the opposite of that seems kind of impossible.

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