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how to add other authors

  1. I want other members of my staff to post. I am the administrator but dont know how to add them. Thoughts?

  2. envisioncu:
    Can a single blog have multiple authors and editors?

    Yes, but each author has to create their own account here at, and then have the owner of the main blog add them.

    Once authors have registered/created an account with, login to your blog and add new users here:
    Your Dashboard -> Users -> Authors & Users.

  3. Yes, but then how do they write to your blog and not theirs?

  4. @ strikersniper
    If you wish to add a user/author to your blog, before you can add them through your Dashboard, they must already have an account with

    If they wish to post on YOUR blog, they go to your URL,, and login.

    If they wish to post on their own blog they go to, and login.

  5. Would other authors have access to your posts and your dashboard?

  6. @ reelreviews

    When you add a user to your blog, you determine at that time what their 'Role' is on your blog. You set the level.
    Administrator - would have all the Dashboard links/privileges

    Other users would have a subset of links on the Dashboard:


  7. Thanks almostablog! I plan to have contributors for my movie review blog, but since I would most likely be working with people I've never met in real life, I felt uneasy that complete strangers would have access to my blog.

  8. You are welcome!

    A side note, these are the links a Contributor sees on your Dashboard, when logged in to your blog:

    * Dashboard
    * Write
    * Manage
    * Profile (view/update their own profile only)


  9. OK, so I'm clueless, but how does someone log into a blog from the main screen: ie. ?

  10. @ strikersniper

    You have a couple of options for user login.

    Depending on the theme you use, if it has a Sidebar Editor you can include/exclude the Meta data (which will include a login link in the sidebar).

    Some themes include the Meta data in the sidebar by default, others do not, by default.


    If you do not want a login link on your site, they can go directly to: to reach your login page.


  11. @ strikersniper, FYI

    I see you are using Contempt theme on your site - it has a Sidebar Editor. In case you are not familiar with the Sidebar Editor, and want to add Meta to your weblog sidebar, go to:

    Your Dashboard=>Presentation=>Sidebar Editor

    Then drag the Meta bar from Available Widgets and place it in the Sidebar 1, in the position you wish it to display then save.

    This will display a Login link in a Meta box/group along with RSS links, etc.


  12. When I've added people to my blog after they have signed up for their own account, they are only able to post a message when they first log in to my blog from the dashboard. If they go to 'view site' and then select 'new post' it takes them to the write page but for their own blog, not mine. Am I doing something wrong?

    Also, isn't there an easier way to add people - do they really have to have their own blog to be able to use mine? Most of them don't want/need that, they just want to use mine.


  13. Then they dont have to use their blogs. Nothing's making them.

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