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How to add post under "More Article"

  1. This is driving me crazy, I just cannot figure out how to add a post or an article so that it appears under "More Articles".

    Anyone knows how to do that?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It looks like that might be for posts that are older (hard to judge if you have no archives widget) or for posts that have no featured image. Check the themes forum for the specific instructions on that theme.

  3. I have tried creating a post without a featured image, but that doesn't work. In fact, the theme appears to use one of the images inside the post in case I don't add a featured image.

  4. Sorry, that's as much as I can figure. there's the main blurb but of course it doesn't say how to get posts in there. How many posts do you have?

  5. I have found something about setting "Post format", but I cant get that option when I post.

  6. I am a software engineer by trade, so I really should be able to figure this out, but I have to conclude this is just plain stupid. World record, more or less...

  7. Post Format is on the right-hand side of teh Write Post page.

  8. Nope, it isn't. Scouts honour.
    Check for yourself:

  9. I use the theme and more articles are an old articles beyond the three latest. If you post one more article is it pushed to more articles?

  10. properpage, you need to change themes to one that has Asides enabled, then change them to Posts, then change back.

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