How to add "posted by" in Pilcrow

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    Hi – we are three contributing authors to our blog and I would like each post to be identified with the author, so friends, family etc know who wrote that entry. I cannot find how to do it. Can someone please let me know how to set that up?
    Thanks! James.

    The blog I need help with is


    What shows in the metadata (date, categories, tags, author) is different from theme to theme. Some show the author and some do not. Pilcrow does not and to add it would require hacking the theme PHP script files, and we cannot do that here at For Pilcrow, I suggest having each author put a “byline” at the top of their post saying, “By Authorname” or something like that.

    You can also add the authors widget to the sidebar and then when someone clicks on one of the authors, they will get a listing of only the posts by that author.


    You can also take a look at this post by Panos which lists all the themes and shows which show authors and which do not.



    Thanks for the info on Pilcrow. I will review the list of themes that do allow that feature. When I find one, am I able to ‘test’ the new theme prior to making it live so that I can make sure I like it? Thanks so much for your super advice!


    You can look at it on the demo site. Go to find the theme and then click the “see it in action” button.

    The other choice would be to set yourself up a test blog to play with on your existing account which you could keep set to private.



    That’s brilliant! Thanks again so much for your help. Very much appreciated.


    You are welcome.

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