how to add posts to different pages

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    how do i add a post to a specific page?

    for example:

    i want to have pages at the top such as: Home, Recipes, Products, Thoughts

    how do i write a post so that when you click on the page name, it shows the appropriate content?

    The blog I need help with is


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    You cannot post to any pages. Posts and pages are like cats and dogs: very different animals!

    Take a look at this article, and be sure to read the two “required reading” articles:


    Thank you. Think I have that issue sorted out now. I appreciate it.

    Next question would then be:

    am i able to change where the ‘categories’ show up on my page? does it depend on the theme? for example: mine are all the way at the bottom, so people are less likely to see them.



    As the post Tess linked to says, you can make the categories show up in the top menu (where “Home” is) if you create a custom menu.
    Or you can make them show in the sidebar, if you switch to a theme that has a sidebar.

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