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    I am new to wp and have started a recipe blog. I have a categories widget in the sidebar called recipe index and have many subcategories input. I would like to enter many recipes and have them appear in the recipe index. Is there any way to input the recipes other than making a post? I wanted to make pages, but they can’t be categorized. Please advise. Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is



    Make posts. Why would you not want to do that? Posts are what a blog is MADE of.


    We would like to have a large catalog of recipes for our members to use as a reference. We just want the information to be there now, even though we have just started the blog. We don’t want to talk about (or blog about) each recipe at this time. We will blog about recipes in the future. So, we are looking for a way to enter recipes other than dozens of posts at one time.



    Posts are the only things that can be categorized, don’t be put off by the terms or worry that you have “blogged a recipe”

    You could use Pages but the sorting them would be a real mess. Posts sort much better and can be organized. And yes it’s one at a time no matter how you do it, but you can paste the text in so if you have the recipes in electronic copy then just past in as plain text and do some formatting, or you can use Windows Live Writer if you want to do the work on your PC and upload a recipe when it is fine tuned.


    Thank you to the quick responders.



    You be welcome and good luck

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