HOW TO ADD RSS , bookmarks, digg, etc etc etc pls help

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    Hi all

    I love my blog, but how do I add all the cool bookmarks so people can, e.g., subscribe to RSS feed of my blog, bookmark my blog, share my article on DIGGS, etc etc etc etc. Blogspot seems to do this automatically. Help?

    my blog:



    You have to do it by hand for each post, but it’s not hard.


    Thanks, but how do I put something on my blog so someone can sign up for an RSS FEED so EVERY TIME I POST something they receive it?


    Bump n grind. Little help? Just need a little “Subscribe to RSS” link somewhere. This is blog101 stuff. .. right?



    your feed is your web site /feed. If they are using MSIE 7 or FF, then there’s already an RSS icon that shows up when they visit your blog.

    You can use a text widget to add a link to your feed and a RSS icon if you like.


    James, that is all I wanted to know. Where do they see the icon? Also, how to add a link to feed and RSS icon?\



    Also, I tried to sign up for an ADD THIS account and show the image. But when I go to add the feed as a user would, it says in all services that there was a problem with the feed. Is it because I am using my own domain name rdirect?



    It depends on their browser. FF shows the RSS feed on the address bar (at the end of the URL where the “go” button thing is at). I think MSIE 7 shows it in the same place.

    You can add a link by just using HTML anchor (a) tag syntax, etc.

    example (I changed the less than and greater than symbols to curly brackets, you’ll need to change these to less than and greater than symbols)

    {a href="/feed"}My Web Feed/RSS Link{/a}



    I have no idea what a ADD THIS means.

    Your feed is just fine.

    View it here:



    ADD THIS will not work here. That is why I gave you sunburntkamel’s instructions; they’re the way to do it here.

    Some themes have the RSS button built in, but for some you need to add it, either in a text widget or just use the RSS widget and put your own feed URL in there. Then when people click on the button, they’re subscribed.



    This should not be SO hard! I want to display a simple RSS Feed icon so blog visitors can subscribe to my blog – I’ve used the RSS widget (as suggested above) and entered in my own feed address. It seems to work except I don’t want to list any detail. The drop down edit box in the RSS Feed widget goes from 1 to 20. I’m wanting zero. Possible?



    Here is a link»GetSocial for bloggers that my be of some help… :)


    I have no idea what a ADD THIS means.
    Addthis is a service that allows your readers to subscribe to your feed easily or to help you offer social bookmarking options under a post. When you put Addthis bookmarking button under a post, it takes you to an Addthis page that consists of all the hip and happening social bookmarking sites you can think of. You (or your readers) can then choose any service you/they want.

    the code Addthis provides does not work for individual blog posts by default. You need to modify it. You can learn how to do that, if you are interested, that is:
    How to use the Addthis bookmarklet to automatically create social bookmarking links for blog posts



    I don’t want to list any detail in the RSS feed box. The drop down edit box in the RSS Feed widget goes from 1 to 20.

    I’m wanting zero.

    Anyway to do that?



    Start a new thread. That’s not related to this.


    Agreed this is way too hard on WordPress. All articles should automatically get the RSS icons for DIGG, Delicious, etc. WordPress needs to play a bigger part in helping its members promote their articles. Have a look at this format: hover over the SHARE button. THAT is how WordPress needs to be. How can I get that functionality on every article?



    hi all, how did you managed to insert the ‘recent readers’ thing? because i’ve put the codes in the ‘text’ widget but it just turned out white with blank people avatars at the side.. not cool.. a little help here, please?



    owh, i’m using blogcatalog btw if you’re wondering :-)



    @ joesacramento,

    I download “GetSocial” last night and it’s the easiest way to put the
    social bookmarks in your post compared to the link raincoaster
    left I believe those are the only two options here on



    Yikes, so difficult to get a straight answer on such a VERY basic question ???

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