How to Add RSS Widget That Pops Up Feedburner Options

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    I would like my RSS widget, when it gets clicked on, to pop up feedburner options for different readers. I believe this is supported by, but not sure, and I can’t find a way to do it. Can anyone help?

    The blog I need help with is



    It’s not supported by; the RSS widget here is not configurable. What you can do, if you know how to code each of the different options, is put that code in a text widget in your sidebar instead.


    Thanks raincoaster. Any idea how I would find the code?



    G’day to you. :) If you would prefer to use Feedburner to offer e-mail subscriptions instead of the built-in blog subscriptions follow the instructions below:



    Do note that what you get is not a widget. It’s a link your can place in a text widget and when clicked then the Feedburner email subscription pop-up appears. BTW the widgets we can use on blogs are limited due to security restrictions. See here >


    I’m not looking to offer email subscriptions. I am thinking of how, when people click the feed icon, all those choices pop up for readers, such as Google, etc. and then they can click and select the reader and it adds it to their reader automatically.



    This is your feed for entries (posts) and it’s posted in your sidebar. I click it and I see this :
    “Subscribe to this feed using” and then a dropdown menu for the feed reader selections:
    Live Bookmarks
    Choose application
    My Yahoo
    Google (reader)

    Can you not see this?



    Just to be crysal clear on this we cannot divert our blog feeds to Feedburner. We can only use Feedburner to offer email subscriptions.



    We can also use this widget. The RSS Links Widget allows you to easily add links to your blog’s post and comment RSS feeds in your sidebar. This will provide your readers with a quick way to obtain your blog feed URLs and subscribe to them as they wish (via a web browser or RSS reader, like Google Reader).



    Oddly, I don’t see what you see when you click on feed. I just see a feed form of the blog and then to add it to a reader I would have to cut and paste the address.

    I am on a Mac with Safari, but just to make sure I went over to a PC with Explorer. Still no luck!



    Wow! I don’t know why you can’t see what I see here
    When I click it the link I see “Subscribe to this feed using” and then a dropdown menu for the feed reader selections … at the very top of the page before the entries from the feeds are displayed.



    BTW I’m on Windows XP and using a Firefox browser Firefox/3.6.3
    Maybe you have a browser issue so try logging out of, clearing your browser cache and cookies, and then log in again.



    I tried what you said and still no luck. BUT, then I tried Firefox (which I also have on my Mac). When I went in there, it *did* have the dropdown menu. Maybe the other browsers have issues?!!!

    Thanks for your perseverance!



    SIGH … I’m sorry but I have reached the end of the line. You will have to report this browser incompatibility issue to Staff. Here’s the link



    @rhapsodyinbooks, you can achieve what you’re looking for by just providing a plain link of your Feedburner RSS URL in a text widget.

    The options we get when we click on any RSS link, is dependent upon the browser we use (Firefox differs from IE, etc).

    The Feedburner option has limited support here. You can use your Feedburner RSS link if you promote it here over your default WordPress RSS link, but Feedburner cannot take over WordPress link (as it does over at Blogger).


    Thanks timethief and arifsali. I had no idea that options from clicking on a RSS link were dependent on the browser. I thought it was something you could just program into your wordpress page.

    I don’t really understand your last paragraph, arifsali, but it’s okay. I accept that no one will get the dropdown menu unless he or she is using Firefox.

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