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How to add sidebar widgets to a theme

  1. Hi there,

    Trying out this great WordPress theme, but I see a big advantage to being able to place widgets on the left sidebar of this blog for this like calendars, tags, links, buttons, etc.

    Does anyone see a way of having sidebar widgets possible, and not just along the top? I guess it would mean editing the theme CSS? Just a thought. Let me know! :)


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Which is the theme in question? What's your blog URL (address)?

  3. Oh sorry, I thought it made me select that from a dropdown as I was posting, but I don't see any mention of it here.

    It is the theme at this URL:


  4. I am having the same problem... did you get this resolved?

  5. I don't think it is going to work.. I just found this.

    Widget-enabled themes will include some default widgets. You will notice that when you go to Appearance -> Widgets, these default widgets will NOT appear in your Current Widgets listing. To remove the default widgets, simply go to Appearance -> Widgets and add any widget(s) you like to your blog’s sidebar. This will replace all default widgets with your own!

  6. That theme does not have a left sidebar.

  7. I am trying to add a widget that it is not at the wordpress widgets . It is about the newspaper's headlines from my country . I have the code that i must past but i dont know where to past it . The form is HTML/Javascript .
    Can i insert a widget that its not on the wordpress list ?

  8. * paste

  9. @dimitris8888: You can, provided it's flash, not javascript. See here:

  10. i did as you recomended but still its not working . Is there something missing from the programs that i have or something blocking it to show ?

  11. You can try again and keep the widget there so I can see what you did, and/or link to the webpage that has the widget you're interested in.

  12. Done it ...

  13. @panagiotisadam If you dont have problem , can you contact me through my mail ? i have it on my contact me page . Thank you.

  14. No mail please: forum questions are answered in the forum!

    I'm not seeing any news widget in your sidebar (other than the RSS widget) or traces of it in the sourcecode of your page. the only additional item I'm seeing now is a calendar (in which you must change the bg color to 00355f).

  15. Hi,

    I think this thread is maybe getting a bit off-topic.

    Can I add a left sidebar to the theme? What would be involved in this? There is plenty of "room" for something there.

    Changing the CSS? Anyone had any luck with this? Let me know, thanks!

  16. PS In case anyone didn't check out the theme, it's called "DePo Square" by Derek Powazek & Noel Jackson. Thanks :)

  17. I answered this. That theme does not have a left sidebar. Functionality such as sidebars cannot be added to themes. So, no, you can't do it at all.

  18. After placing individual widgets into the top "sidebar," they could probably be placed to the left of the content, but with this comes issues.

    First off, the widgets would not automatically shift down if a widget above them grew in length. If you had categories at the top on the left and added a category, you would then have to go into the CSS and shift every widget that was below the categories widget down by manually adjusting the positioning of each widget. If you wanted to move one widget out of the left and add a different one, you would have to do all that in CSS my manually positioning that widget. If you wanted to rearrange any on the left, you would have to change the positioning on all widgets in order do do that.

    There is no way to make a left "sidebar" and have it dynamic. That would require hacking the theme PHP script files and we do not have access to those, and besides, who has enough PHP scripting experience not to make a complete wreck of it?

  19. One last note. Although this isn't rocket science, it does require a good understanding of CSS to accomplish and to maintain it in the ever changing world of widgets.

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