How to Add Social Bookmarks to your Post

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    arteest103: I was wondering about that. It has to be added to each post?

    Yes, you can add this code to each post:

    Just copy and paste into the HTML editor to create your addthis button.



    arteest103: Thank you. I just went to the site and there is a banner saying they only support I’m a .com.

    The above code is a custom HTML code that works great for sites.



    If you want a “Bookmark” addthis button in your sidebar that will bookmark your whole site, use the following code and paste it into a text widget:

    `<img src=”” border=”0″ alt=”Bookmark and Share” width=”125″ height=”16″ />

    Replace http://YOURBLOG.WORDPRESS.COM/ with your URI

    Replace YOUR%20BLOG%20TITLE with your blog title. Use %20 to denote spaces.



    Bummer. Here is the code that should be in the above post:

    <a href=";url=http://YOURBLOG.WORDPRESS.COM/&amp;title=YOUR%20BLOG%20TITLE" title="Bookmark using any bookmark manager!" rel="nofollow"><img src="" border="0" alt="Bookmark and Share" width="125" height="16" /></a>



    thanks a lot. i too followed the tutorial and added my favorite social sites. :)

    but the thing is that i need to find and replace for every post. can i get this done automatically?

    i use windows live writer for blogging

    – bala – free and open source software blog for human beings – personal



    Hi there,

    I’m the creator of GetSocial, and I would like to tell you all about some additional advantages of using it (as opposed to using Notepad & Find/Replace and other stuff like that):

    1. It’s blazing fast. You still need to add code to each new post but it’s literally a matter of seconds (3 mouse clicks and you’re done!).

    2. You don’t need to upload or make images – they all come from a special fileserver. (The images for the buttons are also mirrored so that many users can use them simultaneously without worrying about downtime)

    3. GetSocial will auto correct your input. It will add http:// when needed, and more importantly – insert special web characters (like %20 instead of ” “, and many others) automatically.

    4. GetSocial will also automatically remove from your buttons undesired image borders and frames in some blog themes.

    5. In GetSocial you can choose between 4 types of social bookmarking buttons.

    Oh, and it’s absolutely free!

    Read more about GetSocial:

    Or visit the GetSocial file server:

    Hillel :)



    Um…I always wanted to ask this. But is there another version of this coming out soon, with new designs? I think I already know the answer, but I still thought I would ask.


    @ aw1923….I hope so, cuz till then I steer clear of using it. Too labor-intensive and cumbersome.


    Hey really… i am very please to read all these post. but couldn’t understand that how and where to paste all the html code as above..

    Please guide me…

    i am new on

    Gr8 Bloggerr (All my friends and surfers are invited to visit )



    hillelstoler – Thanks for the rundown on your great program! Too bad I am using a Mac. I noticed that other Mac users have wanted something similar…is there a Mac version coming soon. Until there is, Mac and Linux bloggers have to use the copy/paste method for social bookmarks.

    bloggerrkumar – You simply need to paste the codes into the body of your post. Of course, you will want to customize them with your own URI and Post Title. Check out my site to see the codes in action. This version of the addthis code is for your sidebar only.



    mbchandar, you asked: but the thing is that i need to find and replace for every post. can i get this done automatically?

    Yes, if you want to use GetSocial:

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