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How to add stars rating?

  1. I was wondering if there's any way to add stars rating to the posts of a WordPress blog, so that readers can rate and rank the posts.

  2. None as far as I know. Basically, our options are to use Digg or reddit or something like that.

  3. You can do it with the regular wordpress blogs but not with the setup we have here at

    Hmm, interesting idea though for my own WPMu setup. Have to try that...

  4. I have found two plug ins that do what I want to do:

    [Deleted links so not to cause confusion - drmike]

    Can I put this plug ins in a blog? How?

  5. Plugins are for regular wordpress, not for the setup we have here at We're running what's called WordPress Multiuser here. End users don't have access to installing plugins as that would be a security risk.

  6. drmike: if you implemented it in your wpmu, would the rating be applicable only to the users or any random visitor? can ratings be done multiple times or one time, based on ip?

  7. Not a clue. Haven't look at it yet. :)

    I know the polls are based on IP addresses though.

  8. ok go do it when you can. i'd love my other blog to be rated by people, though i do wonder if they will...

  9. This is actually a nice plugin or how about "total reads"?

  10. JP can you please send me the plugin's name, 'cause drmike has removed the name from the post. Thanks!

  11. @souverde
    We cannot use plugins here at If you are self-hosted using the software from, then you can search their forum for plugins.

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