how to add style to head of different pages

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    I create “test cases” to illustrate various web coding practices. I would like to use a custom page template for writing the test cases. The unique need I have is to include a style block in the head of each page … and that style block is different from page to page.

    I think I need two parts, a way to edit an extra textarea to collect the style information, and a way to call that textarea into my custom template.



    Unfortunately, while it’s possible with wordpress, it’s not possible at

    To do what you need will require changes to the core theme files which we’re not allowed to do. This is because the themes are shared across all users at




    OK Collin. How do I do it with WP served elsewhere? … which is the actual case.

    To reiterate, this is for pages, not posts, and it is to add 4 or 5 lines of unique style per page (in a style block, not inline in the HTML) while also using the theme’s common style sheet.



    The difference between and is in this thread which is a pink sticky at the head of the forum “Please read me first before posting”
    The information on self hosted or web hosted blogs is here



    Found what I wanted. “this_style” by Francesco Terenzani adds a style block using the Custom Field capability.


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