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how to add subscription button

  1. I want to add a subscription button to my blog to allow people to quickly add my feed to their SKYPE.
    I have the code. I know I have to copy and paste. where do I do that on my blog?

  2. sounds like you need to put it in a text widget.

    go to dashboard, then presentation, then select sidebar widgets, and edit from there.

  3. Yeah, that'll do it for you.

  4. Sorry folks, it's dependent on what the feed is and what the code is. AFAIK Skype is just for voice comms. Do you mean your RSS feed myanger?

    What is the code you are trying to paste? Can you paste it in here in between backticks (`) So that we can see?

    You need to be aware that javascript, iframe and flash are not allowed at due to security concerns.

    If you can post the script we can advise the best way forward.


  5. Actually we covered Skype a while back. I could have sworn that the actual link is stripped because the system doesn't recognize the 'href="callto:' (edit: or whatever it is) bit within the URL.

    Gone to look.

    edit: Here's the big thread on the subject just for reference.

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