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How To add subscription button on sidebar

  1. Dear all,
    I am trying to add my subscription button on above the new launches (of jatpack plugins) but i not able to do this because there are two other form in this.
    1- sidebar.php
    2- subscription.php

    Pls suggest how to i can do this.
    Blog url:

  2. Hi there - could you please explain in more detail the problem you're having? I see the subscription form on your site at the moment. Thanks very much.

  3. Hi Kathrynwp,
    thanks for your reply,
    As in current the subscription button shown in bottom of New launches images but i want it above of new launches, but unable to do it.
    Can you have the solution

  4. Since the Jetpack subscription box is a widget, it can be placed in any area in your theme which can accept widgets. If you need the widget in a spot where your current theme doesn't currently accept widgets, you can add a new widgetized area yourself.

    If you need help adding new widgetized areas in your theme, please consult the WordPress Codex or feel free to post in the forums.

  5. thanks for your reply i have posted in forum and if you get any update then please reply me

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