How to add table in the wordpress ?

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    I am trying to add the table.
    1. Its taking too much of spacing.
    2. When I am going to add image in the cell, its not getting align.
    its going upper side….
    please check below link.

    The blog I need help with is



    Ya, I read it, but When I implement this code here…its not getting alignment.


    can you just please tell me, What I did wrong in my table…
    I am just not understanding it…


    I am really trying hard….but its just not working….



    First of all, you’ve got many superfluous HTML tags. Second, if you don’t want any borders, you don’t need a table at all. So, how do you want things to look like? borders or no borders? image positioned where exactly in relation to the text? Please be very precise!


    Thanks for reply justpi….
    Well, I want the image exactly aligned to the header text .
    right now, image is at upper side and text coming down.

    The reason behind to add table is, whenever I add image, I cant put any text front of it , text comes below the image.
    Is there any way yo do this. ? If It possible than , I dont need add table at all.


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    If you set your picture to “align-left” then text will flow to the right of it.

    If the picture is already in the post, then you will see the picture I linked to below so you can change the alignment.

    Take a look at this picture and notice the buttons for “none” “left” “center” and “right” Choose “left” for text to wrap to the right.
    alignment of images:
    none: picture on the left with text below image
    left: picture on the left with text to the right
    center: centered picture with text below
    right: picture on the right with text on the left

    When you add an image to a post or page you need to scroll down to see which alignment you want to select. The next time you add an image it (the software) will “remember” your previous setting.

    There is also this confusing information from the support documents:


    Thanks for reply 1tess …
    Its not working, while designing image get align in left, but once it done.
    after publishing it, the text come below the image.


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    Remove the h tags. Those are heading tags and are not meant for adjusting the size of text. If you need help with how to do that, please describe what you want to do.


    I just want to add two columns and one row.
    In first column there should be image and opposite of that column some text should be there…
    while designing it works perfectly, but after publish, the alignment changes…. image and text doesn’t appear with same location,
    Text comes below the image. (Alignment wise)

    check this link, this is my link and my try.


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    Your image is not set to alignleft and you have not removed the h tags. The < h# > tags are for headings only and they will put themselves on a line by themselves. If you want to make the font larger notice the style I added to the p (paragraph) tag.
    Please read this article about adjusting font sizes properly:
    I added some padding and used < br > style “clear:both;” so that the text is in the middle beside the picture.

    [caption width="175" align="alignleft"]<img src="" width="175" height="175" alt="Hotels in Kolhapur – Opal" class /> Hotels in Kolhapur – Opal[/caption]
    <div style="padding-top:50px;"><p style="font-size:120%;"><strong>Hotel International</strong></p>
    Address : 517,Shivaji Park, ST Stand Kolhapur (0231) 2536641</div>
    <br style="clear:both;" />

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