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    My Home Page has a title, and a tag line underneath. Underneath that is just one tab: “Home”. How do I ADD more tabs to the title bar that can LINK to categories, articles, News etc elsewhere on my blog. I have trawled through all the videos and help articles and there is not one simple, step by step, instructions on how to do this.

    I am assuming it must be possible, otherwise why would there be a lonely looking “Home” tab on the home page?

    Next, how do I use the “TEXT” widget (for example a brief summary of an article) so it links to another page or article within my blog? Again, I have trawled through the help pages and all I find is how to link OUTSIDE the blog, but I want these text paragraphs to link to articles WITHIN the blog, for example to another page.

    Thanks for any advice!

    The blog I need help with is



    There aren’t simple instructions because tabs don’t normally link to those things. They link to static pages.

    If you’re new, don’t bother searching the Forum. Search the Support instead; you’ll get far better results

    This is also useful:



    How do I ADD more tabs to the title bar that can LINK to categories, articles, News etc elsewhere on my blog.

    From here on the Tabs you create will be for static Pages. They are not the same as posts. See >

    Categories are normally displayed by placing the categories widget in the sidebar. However if you choose to have the INove theme or the Monochrome theme you can display your Categories across the header menu in place of static Pages. In some other themes a trick will achieve the same thing



    Next, how do I use the “TEXT” widget (for example a brief summary of an article) so it links to another page or article within my blog?

    Every post and page has a URL and they are all distinctive. You can view them in your upper browser window when you click on them. Once you have the URLs you simply make them into links.

    Example: This sentence contains linked anchor text in it.



    Thanks for replies. I am aware of difference between pages and posts. I want my “blog” to be ordered page by page as the articles will be long and contain broadly one article rather than many posts.

    I understand now about using text to link (thanks for that) HOWEVER the TABS problem is not solved. The help pages clearly state that adding a new “page” should result in a TAB being added along the top bar automatically for the Theme I am using (Andreas 09) but it stubbornly refuses to do so. Also there is a video which specifically refers to the “READING” setting showing options to declare a page static but when I go to that menu there is no option of the kind.

    I think I am about to give up with this. The help centre is so difficult to use, because it doesn’t in an orderly way set out step by step instructions about how to do the most simple and basic things. I appreciate is a free service and that’s generous, but if you’re going to have help files and videos they should at least be accurate and not highlight options that do not exist. Apologies for my frustrations!



    I think you should contact Staff



    No, there is no option to “declare a page static.”

    You must decide prior to writing whether you’re working on a Page or a Post. Then you go to Write Post or Write Page accordingly. Pages cannot have categories or tabs, and a site made up of Pages has very little googlejuice.

    Once a static page exists, you can choose to set it as the front of your site or not. But you can’t make that choice until the page exists.

    Because your blog is private, we can’t look and tell you if you’re doing it right. We can only guess.



    That’s supposed to be “Pages cannot have categories or tags” of course.



    Thanks for new replies. Here’s the answer I discovered!!!

    You CANNOT show tabs for the heading strip if you save your blog as “Private”!!! The tabs do show up if you publish your blog! But they don’t if you publish as private. Now, I do not want at the building stage to publish my blog, but I want to see the changes I made when I preview the site. How?

    There appears to be a GLOBAL private setting and I am unsure as to whether this does indeed make the site private because on each individual page editor, there is still the option to publish as “private” or “public”.

    What does everyone else do when they are building a new blog from scratch?



    They do it publically. Keeping things private till they’re perfect is counterproductive. For one thing, if you share that you’re looking for feedback about the site, your readers will be FAR more likely to comment and then return to see what you’ve done about their suggestions.

    It’s normal to want to keep it all hidden until it’s perfect, but in my experience this is generally counterproductive. It’s a blog, not the space shuttle.


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    If you set your whole blog as private, then only you and people you invite can read it.

    Your private blog, with posts and pages published, will function very much as any other blog except for the global tag issues. And the public can’t read posts or pages. Making them “private” in a private blog is redundant.

    Set your new blog to private while you are building it and want it “secret” (people can still see that you have a blog, should they know to look for it, but they can’t read it).


    @hofteller, re 4:35 AM post:

    Setting your blog to private (Settings > Privacy) means no visitor can see your blog. Setting a page to private (page editor > publish module) means no visitor can see that particular page; so of course you get no header tab for a private page. But since you’ve set the whole blog to private, there’s no reason for you to publish private pages. Publish everything normally, and you’ll have a fully functional blog.



    Cheers everyone. Raincoaster: We’re not talking about a quick blog here. Half the material still needs writing. No way I’m going to publish anything until I’ve at least spell and grammar checked! But thanks anyway.

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