how to add the technorati button to my blog?

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    Hello, i’m new to blogging, and i’m desperate how to do this. I have just created my profile in technorati and wanna add the technortai button ‘add this blog to my technorati favourites’ to my blog. i read some posts on this forum and came to know that i should add text widget first. Do not laugh on me , but i’m just unable to paste the code for this button into the text widget. Where do i go to add this code into the text widget so tat it appears on my blog? Where should i go to use mt text widget. I have added that widget into my sidebar. I just have to paste tat code. But i’m not getting it. How do i? HELPPPPPP!!



    Illustrated instructions from the FAQs

    P.S. Here’s some advice — breathe deeply and know this — it’s only a blog. Never be “desperate” about anything to do with a blog.



    I am in contact with the main guys at Technorati about this.
    They changed things, the faq does not currently apply.



    Thanks Mark

    The technorati favorites button code for insertion into a text widget follows:
    <a href=""><img src="" alt="Add to Technorati Favorites" /></a>

    Don’t forget to change “nameofmyblog” with the actual name of your blog.

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