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How to add Twitter to my blog

  1. Kind of ironic now that it displays '"End of the Lane is wondering why his blog won't display Twitter updates'.

    Quick, post twice more!

  2. I would but the bloody thing has stopped working again!!

  3. The error message is back and the link has returned to my blog. My updates are unprotected too :(

  4. And now its working again. I have blown a loud and vulgar raspberry at my laptop and now I am going to bed. Thanks again for all your help.

  5. It's probably Twitter. Fail Whale has been swimming in these waters lately. I've had two failures in the last hour.

  6. Oh okay. I won;t worry about it then. I just assumed it was me!

  7. No, once you've got it configured properly (and you do) it's up to Twitter.

  8. thanks guys
    helped me as even i have protected my updates on Twitter

  9. HOW AM I need to know =(

  10. HOW AM I need to know =(

  11. Uh.

    Could you be more specific?

  12. realitytourist

    OK, I just struggled through this and got it working, thanks to the post about editing the RSS link to say "user_timeline." Someone should edit the FAQ on Twitter Badges
    to read:

    (begin quote)
    3) Right click it and ‘Copy Link location’ for Firefox or similar ones for Internet Explorer and other browsers.

    4) Go to your dashboard to Design > Widgets.

    5) Add an RSS widget from the Available Widgets on the left to the sidebar(Current Widgets).

    6) Paste the link from step 3 in,

      edit "friends_timeline" to read "user_timeline,"
    save the settings and voila.
    (end quote)

  13. Would it be possible to automatically take all my Twitter updates once a week, bundle them together into a single blog post, and publish it?

  14. Not automatically. is strongly against autocontent. You could do it by copy/paste (and for the sake of your readers I hope you have a lot fewer updates than I typically do!).

  15. I've followed the directions, my updates are not protected, and I still get this error: "An error has occurred; the feed is probably down. Try again later." Any help?? blog is, Twitter is @thetbar.

  16. I see your twitter feed just fine.

  17. I see it duplicated (one above the other).

  18. Twitter was down for a certain amount of time yesterday, it's down quite a lot.

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