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how to advertise

  1. how to advertise on the website hosted by world press. it will be nice if revenue from ads can be shared by world press and website owner who posts articles and suggestions and comments

  2. That FAQ is pretty old now. In the interests of transparency, maybe there should be some mention of the VIP hosting program, and of the fact that Google ads are displayed to non-logged in users. People will be arriving at that FAQ who have seen ads on blogs, possibly even on their own blog; in which case, seeing that threat of suspension is likely to freak them out unnecessarily.

  3. True... I'll rewrite it.

  4. I think it's better?

  5. @podz
    I read the entry and think it's quite clear now.

  6. Much better, thank you :)

  7. Even I like it. :)

    (And we all know how much I've been pushing for it to be spelled out around here :)

  8. Fantastic job Podz!

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