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How to Advertise on Your Blog

  1. I've seen advertisements on blogs and I want to advertise too. How do I?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello? I've been waiting for replies.

  3. How come NOBODY replies?

  4. There is a 30-minute block between the moment your thread is created and the moment it is accessible for us volunteers to answer. This is not our fault:

    So don't panic just because, in 5 minutes, no one responded. This isn't instant messaging, it's a peer-to-peer support forum.

    Do you understand? :-)

  5. I answered you in the other thread that you started on this same subject. To find threads you've started or replied to click on your username at the top of the forum where it says, Welcome, kylechu!

  6. For service faster than that, you normally pay $60 per hour. What are you offering?

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