How to align a gallery on a page to get it centered

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    I would like my gallery to be centered on my wedding portfolio page. I have no idea why it’s not working. I can center single images when I insert them on this page but not the gallery.
    Can anyone help? This is the page I am talking about

    The blog I need help with is





    The Gallery by default is normally centered, regardless of which Gallery type you’ve used. This is what I’m seeing on my test site using the Blissful Blog theme.

    I’ve tagged this for a Theme Staff assist. Please subscribe to this thread so that you’ll see their response.



    But I am quite curious how you have 4 images per row in your Gallery. The default for the thumbnail, square and circle tiled Galleries is 3 images per row. You can also see that in the Blissful Blog demo site.


    I seem to remember a time when we could choose the number of Thumbnails in a row, or am I imagining things?


    In the “edit gallery” section under gallery settings on the right I chose “link to – attachment page” and then “Square tiles” and I don’t even have an option of how many images per row. It is only 3 though when you pick “default template” under “page attributes”. I set it to “full width” and then the images show up in 4 rows.


    colourcottage – when you choose thumbnail grid instead of square tiles you can chose how many columns you would like.



    @colourcottage – The only style of Gallery that allows us to choose the number of columns is the default thumbnail Gallery. Every other type of Gallery style (mosaic, square, circle) displays 3 images per row. If there is anything other than a multiple of 3, the “odd” images are larger to fill the content width. (You can see this on my Gallery demo site)

    @juliegeephotography I also tried what you mentioned, moving from the default page template with a sidebar to the full width page template, but on my test site it’s stubbornly staying with 3 columns.


    Weird. I actually would prefer 3 columns – but it’s automatically switching to 4 when I set it to full width.



    @juliegeephotography the only thing I didn’t try was the Attachment page. Unless you’ve turned it off in the Settings>Media, the Photo Carousel is the default display for Gallery images. Indeed the Carousel opens for me when I click on any of your Gallery images.



    Sorry, my bad. It’s late here.

    Of course the Media Manager (where you create your Gallery) will show “Attachment Page” in the Gallery settings, but it really doesn’t matter what you choose if the Carousel is being used.


    The gallery seems to be aligned with the page title (which I removed for “wedding portfolio”). Maybe that’s why the gallery can’t be moved to the center. Since it’s also not possible to move the title of the page to the center right?



    I’m simply not encountering this issue on my test site, even after removing the header image, the site title and the page title, switching back and forth between the default page template and full width.

    So, I guess we’ll just have to wait until Staff reply.


    I checked out your test site and I think there is a difference between using the gallery on a page (which is used in the menu) or in a post. When I insert a gallery into one of my posts I can center it. See here

    Thanks for your help justjennifer and the link to your test blog – I am getting some great ideas for other pages :)


    Still no answer for me Dear WordPress Staff?




    When you bump your threads, you go to the back of the line, since staff answer the older unanswered questions first. Just be patient and when they have an answer for you, they will answer you.




    I checked out your test site

    Hi Julie, you couldn’t have checked out my *test* site because I didn’t link to it (i.e. my Gallery demo site is not my test site). And as I stated above I did test this on a page, not a post.

    And now we wait.

    And while we’re waiting, one thing you might want to try yourself is recreating the portfolio page as a test page at full width from the start.



    Hi there,

    When you use one of the tiled gallery styles, like square tiles, it should automatically size and position the images so they take up the full width of the post or page. In other words, there’s no need to worry about centering the gallery — it will take up all of the available space.

    However, we’ve had reports that when you use a full-width page template, the gallery doesn’t adjust properly. The images and layout are still being created as if you had a default-width page. As a result, the images are left-aligned instead of filling the entire width of the page. Our team is aware of the issue and is working on a fix.

    At this point, there are some workarounds if you have the Custom Design upgrade and want to make changes to your theme’s content width or make changes to the CSS. Otherwise, if you’re concerned about the images being as large as possible and using the whole width of the content area, I’d recommend putting them in a post or using the default page template.

    Please let me know if you have any questions about that!



    @rachelmcr-Thanks for the update, but there seems to be another element at work here.

    Tiled Galleries (circle, square) normally default to 3 images per row. On @juliegeephotography‘s site, there are 4 images per row in her square tiled Gallery. (screenshot)



    @justjennifer – There are 4 images showing up per row on the full-width page, because those images are still sized for the default page width. (That’s the issue the team is looking into.) They have a “float: left” CSS property that makes them line up next to each other to fill the row, and since they aren’t being resized for the wider page width, you end up with 4 per row instead of 3.

    Let me know if you have any questions about that. :)

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